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Region: Siatista

Grape variety: Field Blend, Moschomavro, Xinomavro

Liastos Vintage 2008

Liastos derives from the ancient Greek word Helios, God of the Sun. It refers to the tradition of producing naturally sweet wine from grapes dried under the sun. According to travellers’ testimonies, the Siatista Liastos was already known by the fifteenth century.

Only the best, healthiest fruit from the highest altitude vineyards, planted in 1931 on soils with good natural drainage, are harvested fresh to produce this traditional, limited release wine. The grapes are dried in big, naturally ventilated warehouses, not unlike the Appassimento process. The bunches are laid out horizontally on wooden boxes and allowed to rest for around 80 days. Because the process happens slowly, the grapes have a chance to develop a more complex array of aromas and flavours.


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