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Wine Details

Region: Santorini

Grape variety: Aidani, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Mavrotragano

Santorini Lovers Wine Box

The best wines of Santorini in a box! 6 intriguing wines with mouth-watering acidity born in the shadow of a volcano! A limited edition box, a taste journey to this incredible place!

You’ll receive the following wines:

  • Vassaltis vineyards Santorini (750ml), a fresh and mineral dry white with dense fruit and floral notes;
  • Vassaltis vineyards Santorini barrel (750ml), pure delight bursting with beautiful zippy lemon lime, saline, smoky, spicy vanilla and pungent notes;
  • Vassaltis vineyards Plethora (750ml), a unicorn, high-end volcanic wine inspired by ancestral winemaking techniques;
  • Vassaltis vineyards Mavrotragano (750ml), a big red wine from Santorini volcanic soils with deep, rich flavours and well structured, juicy tannins that make for a legendary drinking experience;
  • Vassaltis vineyards Vinsanto (750ml), a top dessert wine, an ambrosia sent from gods, that excites the senses with its complex, exuberant aromas of dried fruits, butter, vanilla, honey, caramel, coffee, nuts and spices;
  • Als extreme terroir wine (750ml), a limited edition volcanic dry white of impressive purity, excellent precision and terroir expression to create Assyrtiko memories in a bottle.

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