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Wine Details

Delos Discovery Winebox

Delos, the emblematic island – cosmopolitan centre of the Mediterranean in antiquity, has given its name to a selection of six artisanal wines to expand your palate and discover producers and varieties you’ve never tried before.

You’ll receive the following wines:

  • Domaine Akriotou The Mountaineer (750ml), a dry white made from old vines with creamy texture and spicy, refreshing aftertaste that will thrill you for the aperitif
  • Domaine Moropoulos Mantinia (750ml), the absolute introduction to the Greek vineyard with pronounced exotic scents and mouth-watering acidity
  • Aslanis Family Winery Assyrtiko (750ml), a dry white combining lemony freshness, herbal and spicy notes with a saltiness that calls to mind an Aegean Sea breeze
  • Oenops Wines Apla red (750ml), an utterly delicious, fragrant and peppery blend of 3 noble red grapes showing amazing purity to the palate and a lovely touch of sharpness
  • Petrakopoulos Wines Kokkino (750ml), a pure and fresh island red wine with aromas of black fruit and velvety tannins
  • Aoton Winery Retsina (750ml), a refreshing, traditional wine with a taste of Greek summer and a long history dating back over 2000 years.

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