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Region: Cephalonia, Drama, Mantineia, Mesogia, Nea Michaniona, Peloponnese - Mantinia

“Ródon” winebox

“Ródon”, meaning rose, is a selection of six rosés in order to appreciate the pinker side of life. You’ll receive the following wines:


  • Veranda rosé 2021 by Aslanis family winery, a food friendly rosé exhibiting fruit, herbal flavours and freshness (2 bottles)
  • Rosé 2021 by Moropoulos winery, intense with fresh summer fruits, roses and pretty vivacity and energy on the palate
  • Apla rosé 2021 by Oenops winery, fruity, crispy, a very food friendly rosé
  • Lola retsina rosé 2020 by Aoton winery, notes of candied red fruit, spices, lemon peel and a remarkable touch of pine resin
  • Roz 2021 by Petrakopoulos wines, top-of-the-range terroir driven rosé, delicious, aromatic and slightly spicy


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