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Winery: Domaine Andreou

Region: Peloponnese - Methana

Grape variety: Roditis

The Amphora 2018

Mountain Roditis from vines of at least 40 years old, which are vinified and matured in amphorae of ancient Greek type, with a capacity of 600 liters, from 100% natural clay. Pale golden-yellow colour with platinum hues. Earthy character with a hint of smoke and ripe fruits. Well-structured mouthfeel with silky acidity and a spicy character. Long aftertaste with a strong earthy dimension.

Pithos (amphora) stands for a very large earthenware jar with a wide round mouth used throughout the ancient Greek world especially for holding and storing large quantities of food (as grain) or liquids (as wine, oil) and sometimes for the burial of the dead.


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