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Winery: Foivos Papastratis

Region: Euboea - Evia

Paralia 2019

Paralia (meaning beach in Greek) is an unconventional dry white single vineyard blend. The young and talented oenologist Foivos Papastratis grew up on this privately owned vineyard and fell in love with the long viticultural tradition of his land, the island of Evia. He applies organic vine-growing practices with passion and dedication. The grapes are harvested in an old fashioned way, using wicker baskets. Mild vinification methods are followed in the winery, guaranteeing a pure terroir expression wine. The remarkable rose petal, orange blossom Muscat is masterfully combined with the dense citrus structure of Assyrtiko. The cute label is practically an old painting of Foivos when he was still a child and dreamed of playing by the sea and under the sun.


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